Cert-IST Association

Cert-IST (Computer Emergency Response Team - Industry, Service and Tertiary) is a not for profit association, which goal is to provide to its adherents risk prevention services and assistance for incident handling. Cert-IST associative mode guarantees its independence towards editors. It works for the community by sharing resources and experience. Cert-IST perenniality is ensured by its members. The member confidence in the Cert-IST is strenghtened daily by:

  • The truthfulness and the exhaustive character of the information released
  • The confidentiality of private information always demonstrated
  • The guarantee of objectivity
  • The activity perenniality

The Cert-IST association has been declared as "non-profit organization" with the 2688 number on the "Journal Officiel" dated April, 26th, 2003. This declaration can be checked online.

The new Articles of Association were approved at the General Assembly of March 19, 2019.

You can reach the chairman of the association by writing to: president @ cert-ist.com

You can browse the Association statutes (in French): Statuts
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