What is presented in the "Current threats" section?

This section lists the on-going threats, with for each:

  • the name of the threat.
  • the threat level: a gauge indicator shows if an Advisory (AV), a Potentiel Danger (DG) or an Alert (AL) notice has been released by Cert-IST for this threat.
  • the date of update for the associated blog: this blog is used by Cert-IST to inform all along the course of the threat about any significant information, and in particular about new recommandations and/or workarounds to help Cert-IST members to keep this threat under control.

Note: On the public website, this dashboard is only for information purpose, and it is not possible to get access the underlying details.
On the private web site (access allowed only for Cert-IST members) there is the full dashboard where details are available by clicking the different areas of this dashboard.

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