Brief: End of TeslaCrypt ransomware.

Date : May 08, 2016

For over a year the TeslaCrypt ransomware made lots of victims. However, and rather surprising thing in view of the earnings that this kind of malware can generate for cybercriminals, its creators decided to stop their malicious activities.

The cybersecurity company ESET has contacted cybercriminals via the support integrated into the ransomware and asked to make public the master decryption key, allowing victims to retain access to their data without paying ransom.

Cybercriminals have issued the master key for decrypt on their website: 440A241DD80FCC5664E861989DB716E08CE627D8D40C7EA360AE855C727A49EE

In parallel, some tools have been developed to help victims to recover their data, TeslaDecoder developed by BloodyDolly and ESETTeslaCryptDecryptor developed by ESET.

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