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Cert-IST writes articles in which it analyzes the IT security news. These articles are first published in the monthly bulletin sent to its members. A couple of months later some of these articles are made public in this section of the website.

23 article(s) - 2009

Scam and "mule" recruitment.
The "Evil Maid Attack" against full disk encryption
A Cloud computing service under attack
The danger of URL shortening
FRHACK01 2009 conference report
The state-of-the-art for Honeypot systems<br/>
YXES the botnet that weakens Symbian signing process
Veiled: a new Darknet technology<br/>
Slowloris, a new type of &quot;HTTP flooding&quot; attack
Bilan du Forum 2006 du Cert-IST
Report for the SSTIC 2009 conference
Pre-boot attacks: Kon-boot and other tools<br/>
Gumblar: a good Web Based Attack example
Vulnerability in the Intel processor cache
Using Microsoft MOICE to protect against malicious Office files
Report for the 2009 JSSI meeting
Original and sophisticated malwares
Transparent mode vulnerability in proxy servers
ENISA report on the state of the Art of Network and Information Security in Europe
A new attack technique: The &quot;In-Session Phishing&quot;
25th edition of the Chaos Communication Congress
The full story of the DNSChanger Trojan<br/>
Fake Antivirus: a highly profitable business for miscreants
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