Articles by Cert-IST

Cert-IST writes articles in which it analyzes the IT security news. These articles are first published in the monthly bulletin sent to its members. A couple of months later some of these articles are made public in this section of the website.

20 article(s) - 2010

DNS prefetching in web browsers
"GS-Days 2010" conference report
From a Twitter flaw to a "web 2.0" worm
CNIL guide on personal data security
The Stuxnet worm (continued)
EMET: a « new » vulnerability prevention tool
Stuxnet : A worm which targets SCADA systems
Limits and challenges of antivirus software
An overview of the Microsoft SCM tool
Single Sign-On (SSO) – Second part
“Tabnabbing”: a new Phishing technique
DEP (Data Execution Prevention)
Single Sign-On (SSO) – First part
JSSI 2010 conference report
Weaknesses of HTTP authentication
Authentication and session management with HTTP
Kneber, a botnet’s story
Anatomy of a malicious PDF file
The ultimate attack against the A5/1 GSM protocol
COFEE and DECAF, forensic and counter-measure
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