Articles by Cert-IST

Cert-IST writes articles in which it analyzes the IT security news. These articles are first published in the monthly bulletin sent to its members. A couple of months later some of these articles are made public in this section of the website.

13 article(s) - 2016

Brief: Domain Generation Algorithms
Report for the Cert-IST 2016 Forum
Security bulletins of Microsoft's Patch Tuesday replaced by a database.
« zombies » connected objects
Minutes of the security conference RéSIST for October 2016
The «Shadow Brokers» threats
Brief: Google improves further the security of Android
Launch of the « Attack and IOC Monitoring » service
Brief: End of TeslaCrypt ransomware.
Brief : Furtim, a very carreful malware
Brief: New risks rising for companies
Conference Response Incident Investigation CoRIIN 2016 in Lille
Report on the security conference INSA-2016
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